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Loneliness - Why are People LONELY?

  It is the feeling of sad and unhappy, mostly of being socially isolated. For some, loneliness can be normal, and on the contrary for many ...


It is the feeling of sad and unhappy, mostly of being socially isolated. For some, loneliness can be normal, and on the contrary for many it could be an indicator of underlying disease & illness. Most of the times it can be purely psychological; but sometimes it can also become physiological, especially when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfering with day-to-day life.

Route cause to loneliness has many factors, especially in these modern days. Lets list them and understand why and how to deal with it.

  • Lack of social connect: Isolation from their near and dear ones. Back in yester years, people used to live together as a larger family, with many generations under a shared roof (house). This later transformed to atomic families, where a couple used to live and had children and that's more or less of it. Now, in these days (especially in urban areas) most of us live independently altogether or have such an isolated thoughts even despite sharing the home space.
  • Low Income & Overwork: This situation is currently been on the rise, especially after the pandemic and layoffs that people fear of losing their livelihood and tend to spend their time mostly at work.
  • Decreased Social Time: With the advent of modern technologies, the time spent in Social interactions is becoming lesser by every passing day. People also want to appear busy, to avoid 'more interactions' with the fear of 'being judged'. It is important to understand that being judgmental is fine, as everyone judge other people, being or things to assess their situation as a basic instinct of survival. But to avoid people completely and engaging only on virtual space such as Netflix, Social Media (fb, twitter, etc), or online gaming as an escape is not going to help.
  • Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is another reason. Not being too anxious and being in a sense of grateful with what you have and working towards what you need will help you relax and not feel lonely. In fact most of the advertisements, special offers use this weakness of yours against yourself to sell their goods/services.
  • Diseases: Staying in longer term in the feeling of lonely can manifest into many diseases, from psychological to physiological ailments. Get professional health or speak to someone whom you feel comfortable. Take their advice, but decide and act on your gut feelings.
  • Creative Outlet: Cultivate or curate a hobby in your personal-time. Try to chase your passion, if you can. Most of the time you can!
  • Read a book: Reading a good book, especially that can improve your life can certainly help, listening to podcasts or watching videos in self-help on the internet can help.
  • Understand your Loneliness: Do not be in denial of being in this state of mind with yourself. Agree with the facts, work one at a time and life will get better.
  • Help others: This might feel a bit weird, but it works like charm. The rewarding feeling of helping the needy will uplift your self-worth and thereby your self-esteem. The increased social interaction will elevate your consciousness about life and help you pursue your passion.

Some people describe loneliness as the feeling we have when our need for social contact and relationships isn't met. But loneliness isn't the same as being alone. You may feel content without much contact with other people. But others may find this a lonely experience. Some people may only feel lonely at certain times. Loneliness is experienced differently by different people.

Loneliness can often be a result of life changes or circumstances that include living alone, changing your living arrangements, having financial problems, or death of a loved one.

  • Emotional loneliness – 'the absence of meaningful relationships'
  • Social loneliness – a 'perceived deficit in the quality of social connections'
  • Existential loneliness – a 'feeling of fundamental separateness from others and the wider world'

“Loneliness can have serious mental and physical complications that worsen if ignored. Social isolation and loneliness lead to higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, memory issues and even death.”

Also accept that life is finite, that your life will also come to an end one day, sooner or later. This might feel you low right now, but it will also make you to tread the right path towards of fulfillment of your actions.

"You wouldn't be lonely, if you like yourself enough!"

So, like yourself, and try to make a better version of yourself with every passing day.

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